YaNmArCo / Join Again! :)


Personal information:
Name: Jean Marcos.
Country: Dominican Republic.
SoF2 Information:
SoF2 current name: 'fS # YaNmArCo *
SoF2 old names: Only YaNmArCo *

General information:
When did you start playing SoF2? 2010-2011.

When did you start working in 3D? Since 2015.

Were you an administrator on any other H&S server before? Yes I was B-admin here in 2015.

Do you know people in real life who play SoF2? Yes, many people.

Do you play from home? Yes!

Why should we let you join? I like order, and I know many people here, I am not arrogant, I know the rules very well and I want to help people.

Do you think there is something that needs to be improved? They should manage the server a little better and be vigilant. Thanks for your attention.