Server Rules


  • Do not ddos other players
  • Do not block your team mates
  • Do not team with your opponent
  • Do not boost yourself to spots where seekers can't reach you without the use of weapons
  • Do not cheat, cheating leads to ban and being kicked from the team


  • Do not spam text or sounds
  • Do not ask for admin, apply through our forum.
  • Do not imitate members of 3D
  • Do not discriminate or insult
  • No religious topics in the server at all, doesn't matter if good or bad
  • No political topics which can trigger others
  • If we made a mistake, or if you think you are banned unfair for cheating or hacking you can make a report at the report abuse section – Click here!


  • Set your rate to 25000 by typing /rate 25000 in console
  • Set your snaps to 40 by typing /snaps 40 in console
  • Set your FPS to 125, max is 200
  • Do not use a VPN

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