Server Rules


Main Purpose

The main purpose of the 3D # Community existence is for people to have fun. It’s a place to get away from all the hassles and problems of Real Life for a couple of hours, and to just relax, shooting and/or killing some online buddies. Everyone is welcome, as long as they understand the main rules of the community and as long as they won’t violate any of them. Don’t worry, we are not some fags on a powerrage. We don’t go messing with people just because we can. We take hard actions against them! On the other hand, there are certain things which annoy us. Most of the things should be known by logical thinking, but it will only be fair that you know what those things are.

Cheating and/or Banning

Duh! – If you’re really such a noob that you have to start cheating at an online, there’s not much we can do to help you. Put down the keyboard and go find yourself a good therapist. In the meantime, don’t play on any 3D # Community server. If we spectate you ( Either when you are suspicious or if we receive complaints ) and don’t like what we see, you’re gone! There is no appeals process, and no trial. If it looks like cheating to us, you’ll get banned.We are sorry if this seems unfair and a bit subjective, but it is. Unfortunately this is the only way to keep cheaters off our servers.

If we made a mistake, or if you think you are banned unfair for cheating or hacking you can always make an unban topic on our forum – Click here!

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Impersonating players

I think this is some common sense, but apparently people find it hard to use their brains. Do not impersonate players, don’t pretend to be someone you are not or fake tags, or names ( incl. fitting colors ). Ofcourse it might appear that a user has the same ingame name as someone else, but this is something else than faking an entire name, tags and colors. Even worse, Do not pretend to be an existing 3D # Member. Doing either one of these things will not result in a ban, but we will rename you and if necessary making you unable to rename in our server again.

Rate and/or Snaps

As you may know there are settings in Soldier of Fortune 2 which are related to your computer’s connectino speed. You can find this by entering /rate, or /snaps in your console or just by simply doing to “Options -> Network Settings -> rate”.

The available options for your Rate settings are Modem 33.6K, Modem 56K, Single ISDN, Dual ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1 and LAN. It’s important that you set this correctly, otherwise you may be causing problems for other players.

Everyone can check the rate and snaps of any other player in the server, and if we notice that your rate and/or snaps are not set correctly and it’s giving you an advantage or annoying other players, we will ask you to change your rate and snaps to the correct rate and snaps ( rate 25000 and snaps 40/50 ).It’s a pretty simple thing to do, it will even smoothen out your gameplay, and it’ll help to prevent lag issues for everyone else.

Note Our admins will not focus on this unless it’s visible and/or getting annoying or making you in a big advantage.

Excessive whining

Nobody likes getting killed, and there’s no doubt we’ve all getting killed and thought to ourselves, “There is no fucking way that dude could of have seen me! ” If you honestly, truly legitemately think someone may be cheating, by all means let us know! If we are currently playing and we have time, we will spectate him; if not, drop a notification to one of our staff members and we will make sure to our members to keep an eye out for him/her. This is very much encouraged and won’t be annoying us at all. What will annoy us is excessive whining, bitching after every single kill and accusing every player from the opponent team. This might be a shock to you, but there are actually players who are better than you! No mather how good you think you are, there will be always someone else who is better.

Being a dickhead

This covers pretty much everything else. As noted, the 3D # Community was created as a place to have fun, so if you’re making the game less fun for other players, you have to go. Be nice to everyone and they’ll unusually be nice to you. Trash talking is fine, as long as it’s good natured and fun for others, ” Bastard, you got me again!, ” Fuck You” will be tollerated as long as it’s sarcasm like the first example. “kanker” Or racism is most assuredly not tollerated. It’s all about attitude!

Fun Abuse

An Admin is not allowed to use his powers without valid reasons at any time! You are not even allowed to use your powers for "fun" when you are on your own or when you are with someone else who is "ok" with it. "Fun-Abuse" will result in an instant Kick, and no more warnings will be given. Fun-Abusing can be counted as anything which is used for own purpose or to give someone else an advantage to have "Fun". Any Command can be counted as Abuse, e.g. Uppercut, Pop, Strip, Flash, Twist etc...


This can be noted as “Being a dickhead”, and is in my opinion pretty straight forward to know, but threatening in any way is not allowed and depending on the level of threatening will result in a mute. The past few years we have noticed a increase of ddos attacks and threatening of thing such as ddos attacks. Any kind of threatening of ddos attacks will be noticed as “High Risk Threatening” and may result in a ban depending on the seriousness of the threat.

Note Threatening in the kind of “Hacking” may result in becoming a “Blacklist Player” and you won’t be allowed to play in our servers again.

Note Fun-Abuse is Counted as Abuse, no mistakes can be made. But admins should know that it is not allowed!