Forum Rules


No Harassing other users.

Harassing other users in any way or form is strictly prohibited. We try to keep an amicable and congenial environment here. If you are looking for a cyber partner, try finding a chat room elsewhere on the internet, this is not the place!

Religion is not an approved topic

Talking about religion is not allowed. Keep your opinions to yourself please.
You will be asked to change subject.

Posting Rules

1. Do not spam.
2. Do not advertise.
3. Do not cross post. Post your message once, to the appropriate forum and nowhere else or it will be locked or deleted without warning.
4. Post in the correct forum.
5. Be specific when creating your thread titles. Don’t just create a thread with the title “I NEED HELP”! Be specific about your problem.

Only constructive Criticism and Useful Information

Please make sure to be detailed and constructive in your response to a suggestion. Remember, it’s not always so easy to step out of your comfort zone and put something forth to be critiqued. Also include numbers, justification, and precise information in your posts.

No Plagiarism

Do not post anything that you did not create as if it is your own work. Credit must be given, regardless of where it came from – IRC, PM, replies etc. Any instance of plagiarism will result in consequences beyond the norm.

If you post plagiarism Give the Credit the the owner, if you don’t know who’s owning it, Just post below that this is not your work.

Keep it Legal

Moderators and admins reserve the right to close threads and ban members that post copyrighted and/or illegal materials. These kinds of activities can get us into trouble, and nobody wants that… so just don’t do it. If you have questions on this, ask a moderator.

Warning and Bans

Our moderation teams do all they can to enforce our community rules and guidelines with a fair and even hand. Whenever possible, a ‘warning’ will be issued as alert to a member that they are doing something wrong. If multiple warnings are necessary, or a user has shown a pattern of poor behaviour, a ban may be applied at our discretion.

Important notes on banning

We realize that (from time to time) certain members may simply need a ‘cooling off’ period. To deal with this, we have a policy on banning for members that may simply ‘go off the rails’ once and awhile, in hopes of rehabilitating negative behaviour.
At our moderators’ discretion we will follow the schedule below:

First Degree Ban – A Moderator/Admin Gave to the user a 3RD Warning – 1 Week/ 5 days ban

Permanent Bant – User received more than 3 Warnings

Offering members with a pattern of poor behaviour THREE CHANCES to rehabilitate themselves is more than generous. This schedule is to be executed at our moderators’ discretion only and is a suggested course of action for those we feel can be rehabilitated into a productive member of our communities.

In the case of flagrant spam, illegal activities, or other ‘instaban’ type violations, our moderators reserve the right to ban the offending member(s) permanently without notice.

Self Promotion and Advertising

3D # Community maintains a no advertising policy in the forums. Any member found to be advertising, promoting or leaching traffic (including via paid link forwarders) for profit or personal gain will receive a warning PM, and have offending post(s) reviewed by the local moderation team. The local moderation team and Administrators will work with the member to either a ) resolve the issue, or b ) issue an appropriate ban. Private Messages or Emails to members soliciting your service will also not be tolerated and accounts found to be doing so will be subject to a ban.


If you wish to disable your account for any reason at any time, please contact Moderators or Administrators.