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3D# Member
Personal information:
Name: Belal
Country: Egypt

SoF2 information:
Current SoF2 name: CosmA.Lg
Old SoF2 name(s): same
Gametracker profile:

General information:
When did you start to play SoF2? 2014

When did you become active in 3D? 3 years

Were you admin in any other H&S server before? YES! I was 3d member.

Do you know persons in real life that play SoF2? YES! Ofc

Do you play from home? No netcafe.

Why should we let you join? First of all how are you all , im cosma and i was admin for too many months and i was loyal to 3D never been hacked or hates someone else and i know that i hacked once in ctf map then i got kicked but im not disappointed i tried to join again and keeps my loyal to 3D and ill never let staffs or anyone yet down of me :) plus after i got kicked im stills active and i know the reality of alot of people after i got kicked i got so many hates in their hearts but i dont give a fuck about them im still loyal and love whos love me and need to give me back to server and all of my respect to everyone in 3d even loves me or hates me i requested generals, staffs, members, to give me one more chance and thanks for reading!

Do you think there is anything we could improve? NO! Its the most good server i have play on

Additional information: no
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