Connecting to 3D


Don `t give up
So i have seen alot of folks having problems with connecting to 3D so i will list you some solutions.

Method 1:

Just put this in your sof2 game folder and when you click it, it will open the game and connect directly to 3D for you.

Download 3D.bat

Method 2:

Download 1fx master server client patch because raven master server list is down most of the times and slow

1 - Go to and scroll down

2 -

3 - Put it in your sof2 folder and launch the game from it

Method 3:

I do not know why many egys do not know about this neat feature but you can just add 3D servers to favorite servers (which what i do)

notice: if your current master server list is down it will not work but it is good for keeping track of 3D server



2 - Change "Source" to Favorites

if none of the above works then it is not a problem with your computer. it might be a problem with 3D server or the master list server and make sure that your firewall is not blocking sof2

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