3D Mod


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I've been working approx for a week on a client mod where we could also bring HTTP downloader to the game. Glad to say that after some testing, I'm ready to share it around as well.

You can get the mod over here: https://forums.3d-sof2.com/downloads/3DMod.zip
Extract the contents to your SoF2 folder. It has 2 files, a bat script which starts sof2mp.exe with parameters fs_game "RPM" and vm_cgame 0 (use DLL instead of qvm). Start the game with Run SOF2 with 3D Mod.bat script.


RPM/sof2mp_cgamex86.dllThe mod itself.
Run SOF2 with 3D Mod.batJust the startscript which tells sof2mp the arguments to use to run the game. Required to start the game with the DLL

HTTPDownloader is basically an automatic map downloader from the web, so if the server you're about to connect to has a custom map (if the server is configured in a way that the custom map info is sent to the client), it'll download the map before it connects.

When you're in the game, it will start downloading rest of the maps from the web. YOu can see the status when you open scoreboard.
It also brings back command /autocolor for automatic text coloring.

If the mod requires an update, it'll let you know in the scoreboard and in console to update it with command /3dupdate. That will download the file and reconnect you to the game fast.

Please leave any feedback regarding the mod here.

What are the things this mod can do? I assume it aint just autocolor and autodownload maps
That’s all it is doing at the moment. If you read the first post you’ll see that we haven’t used more than a week and second, I really think you don’t have a grasp on what does it actually mean.

we might have updates in the future (that’s also why /3Dupdate command was built in), but we’ll see if we cba. At the moment the goal is to bring back custom maps and this mod enables it quite easily (we can change paks on the run and the mod will download them if you’re in our server etc).