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moly holy
Personal information:
Name: Abdulrahman
Country: Egypt

SoF2 information:
Current SoF2 name: //Sullivan
Old SoF2 name(s): //Abdu//
Gametracker profile:

General information:
When did you start to play SoF2? 2014-2015

When did you become active in Italy? For two weeks

Were you admin in any other H&S server before? 3D just ya papa

Do you know persons in real life that play SoF2? yea lots

Do you play from home? yea

Why should we let you join? Im active and I dont do wh I applied in 3D and was accepted there are many who know me Im not bad [h][h][h][h][h]

Do you think there is anything we could improve? no way [H]

Additional information: [H]
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