Mohamed @ apply


Personal information:
Name: Mohamed
Country: Egypt

SoF2 information:
Current SoF2 name: .Mohamed*
Old SoF2 name(s): none
Anticheat guide: 0be15ccd
Gametracker profile:*/

General information:
When did you start to play SoF2?2018

When did you become active in 3D? 1 month

Were you admin in any other H&S server before?

Do you know persons in real life that play SoF2? yes

Do you play from home?yes

Why should we let you join? because I love the server and I hope get accepted and I know I've been spamming players but I'm sorry to you guys and I play with anti-cheat
Do you think there is anything we could improve? everything is ok

Additional information:
i've opened a poll for you, it will take 10 days (2024-05-23) to get a result. be active more goodluck

tips: use AC always because this improves your chances
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