How to become a good seeker (Guide by a former noob seeker).


Not good at being a seeker? Neither was I when I used to play here.
I'll tell you how to become a pro seeker.

Step.1. Join the blue team (else you can't seek 🤷‍♂️)
Step.2. At the start of the round you can't move nor kill people, so you'll just have to wait that shit out. 🤷‍♀️
Step.3. Once you are released, try to search for people throughout the map. (You can't find somebody, if you aren't looking )
Step.4. When you see somebody run to them. (else you are to far away to kill them, and you don't want that 😿)
Step.4.1 Sometimes hiders are boosted, an explanation to kill them is in those cases in explained in Appendix A.
Step.5. You press the button to slice your knife around until they are dead (because else you aren't trying to kill them)
Step.5.1 - Side note: They might try to run away because they don't want to die.
You can solve this by chasing them, until they are dead.
Step.6. Repeat step 3 to 5 until no hider is left.
Step.7. Practice until you become a pro seeker.

Appendix A. What if the hiders are boosted?

There are 3 ways.

The first way is a bit difficult, but will probably be most used, which is to try to get there by yourself using your utility nades or MM1 if you got it. (if that gun is still there)
The second way is to get help from your teammates and use teamwork to get to them. But most other people are noob and won't help you, a pro seeker, so you won't really use this anyway.
The last way is simple: open console and type /noclip then simply press your jump key to move to their position.

Appendix B. Alternative Seeking Method

An alternative seeking method would be to get bitten by some radio active spider so you can x-ray vision and more easily find people for a short period of time.
Unfortunately, you'll vanish shortly after from the server from some unknown reason with some odd message about something called a "wh".
I've yet to made the discovery what this descriptive "wh" means, but I've got as far as to know it's an old writing from the ancient soldiers that wrote it over 18 years ago.

note 1: I have not played h&s in years and am in no way responsible for you not becoming a pro seeker.
note 2: not satire
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