[EVENT] Savages Italy tournament 6 January till 14 January 2024

Aren’t orcun and erdem already playing together?
no i heard erdem say that he was going to play with skull. and orcun is to busy with his work life, so i highly doubt that he will be in the dourneyy
Most of you have been waiting for an update.

Registration will be closed on 9 february.
Once registration has closed we will have a look at the confirmed teams.
So its important to have a confirmed team before 9 february.
Have a look at the registrered participants and ask somebody from the list to be your teammate.

The tournament will be double elimination style.

You sure about Serow and Beck are gonna play?

** EDIT **

just contacted Serow and he told me he is not gonna play, neither is that herb back guy...
So yeah you won the first round i think :D
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