applay-fouda xd


Personal information:

Name: Mahmoud

Age: 16.5

Sof information:

Current Sof name: Fouda*

Old Sof name(s): Htrekano

Gametracker profile:*/

General information:
When did you start to play Sof? year 2017

When did you become active in 3D? 1 Year

Were you admin in any other H&S server before? Tp#hide&seek and 1fx and wbg inf and now have admin in 1fx

Do you know persons in-real that play SOF2? A lot of friends

Do you play from home? yes play in home

Fairpplay guard : dd52c1

Why should we let you join?I want to join a 3d server because it is more fun and friendly than any other server and I have a lot of friends inside the server I want to be part of 3d family and I will do best for making game more fairly Also I will ban hckrs an sh2allah I love this server very much and I want to join and take the opportunity to use the admin

Do you think there is anything that we could improve? If so, how can we improve that? No

Additional information: thx