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    3D# [email protected] 3D

    ok be active
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    O P E T [email protected]

    Be active
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    [email protected]

    I think so lol
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    [POLL] Limiting deadspec / spec to only blue team

    i want you to do it now 🤗 good idea
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    [email protected]

    unknown be active
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    `ganzo. Apply

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    [email protected]

    Adel number 1
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    Paanjito Parkour a7a shaz jump map

    we should thank you for trying .. great idea but i think the first picture is hard for some players xd
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    [email protected]

    Adel number 1
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    you not sullvian .. sullvian is hacked also but i know bsala he is told me my apply has been hacked
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    Bsala he told me the apply is fake you are ''Dracula"
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    Fake apply
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    Sullivan @ back

    Good Luck
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    Splash's SoF2 Story

    Splash you are a very good person and you are a legend ✨