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    applay_fouda lol

    We dont want hakers ok hakers bed ok play fair ok or kicket ok
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    Demon's App

    I opened a poll for you. You will get the results in a week. For now, stay active on the server and try to be nice like now. Wish you the best and good luck! Best Regards, SL1D3X
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    Daily Music (with headphones better)

    Maybe you like rock
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    Daily Music (with headphones better)

    Listen to ruski blyat
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    Can we do something with these guys?..

    You're welcome :)
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    Can we do something with these guys?..

    I can't tell you what were they talking about but I can only tell u why we don't ban retards. The first thing is, some of them are playing in the Net cafe and if we ban only one player then everyone from the net cafe is banned. The second thing is we have to "keep" the player base. Sof is dead...
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    RPMPro Event [8.5.2021]

    @Lawson @Zelzal here is the topic
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    RPMPro Event [8.5.2021]

    The next RPMPro event will be on the 8th of May at 5PM (GMT +2). You don't have to register to participate in the event. Feel free to come. Rules are the same, no cheating, no mercy. And don't forget to download RPMPro before you come to play. Download link:
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    Show off your downloaded games

    That's all I have atm + CoD4 (Ignore Steamworks shared)
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    CeloPatra joins the server

    Idk to who you said that but i only asked one typical question. As staff members we need to know if there is something that we should be aware of.
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    CeloPatra joins the server

    Did you play with a different name after the server was reopened? I only found activity on CeloPatra but that was only for today. I do realize gametracker stats are refreshed, that's why I am asking.
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    why mute me no insult he .. noop admin

    Report here please -> I don't speak Arabic so don't ask me. First I want to know what happened and who started but don't be such a butthurt.
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    why ft he not afk

    We have an abuse page if you still don't know Anyway, I don't see any wrong action taken here. Seeker was probably AFK that time so he !ft him to the spectator. Just because the AFK guy came back doesn't mean he did it wrong. This is called timing. Shit happens what...
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    RPMPro Event [14/4/2021]

    The next event will be on 14th of April at 3PM (GMT +2) Every player has to download RPMPro otherwise you will be automatically kicked from the server. Register through these links mentioned below. EU Version: NOTE: If you register and will not participate in the event...