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    new gun - telegun

    Awesome shit guys hahahaha
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    Fire nade of destiny poll

    Right hhhh
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    Fire nade of destiny poll

    As stated in the previous topic about fire nade, we think it's time for a redo. Picture urself at the receiving end of a fire nade. The duration of it is quite long right? Picture urself as a seeker and 10 hiders have a fire nade, u will get slowed so many times that it's barely impossible...
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    [POLL] Firenade and MM1 mechanics

    In this poll or a standalone poll?
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    [POLL] Firenade and MM1 mechanics

    Yes, we either reduce the time affected by the fire nade or give seekers more teleport nades to counter 15 hinders potentially using fire nades
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    [POLL] Firenade and MM1 mechanics

    The choise I miss here is to reduce the fire nade range and time u get affected by it. Most seekers throw a fire nade and that's just fine because u need the extra slow sometimes. But when 15 out of 20 hiders have a fire nade, u won't get anywhere... We should look at seeker friendly options...
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    After long member in 3d team, i love to get a promotion to staff?

    Gast als je eens in de 3 maanden 2 weken online bent verwacht dan niet dat je staff krijgt. Staff vereist continues activity
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    Share your mods

    Egypts uploading their mods................ HEUEHEUEHEU 3 days later
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    kosm 3d fuke server

    A7a 3d kos server. Yel3n Deen omak. 3d bttnak be 5 gneh