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. X a v i e r a`@join


Name: Mostafa
Age: 19 year old
Country: Egypt

Sof information:

Sof2 Name. Xaviera
When did you start to play?:2008
How long do you average play in the server? 2-3years
Past clans:i got s-admin in Xtreme|H&S And GT|H&S And Elite|H&s And at|hide&seek 
Why do you want to join us?:because i love 3d  and i want chance i will clean server from hackers and wallhack i want this server is the best in hide&seek have nice maps and good admins and good people  
Why should we let you join? you should let join 3d because and i like the admins plus i respecthe players and i would stay active on the server and catch the cheating players 

i Play With Fairplay 

Fairplay Guild:cde7a

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I will work for this server I know it is not easy to get something at the beginning of the road

If you do not want to help I do not have any problem I know that a lot knows who I am in this game 

Get 1fx. anticheat.