whynot application.

Personal information:

Name: muhmmed

Country: Egypt (now u are thinking that iam a faggot egy player)

Sof information:

Sof name:-whynot.* / jeff
When did you start to play?: i have started to play hide&seek since i was 13
How long do you average play in the server? (daily): idk maybe from 5-6
Past clans::the 1st  3d server/ co-ldr in El!te /xpro server/ b2k zombie & inf /AT h&s/other's but i Don't remember
Why do you want to join us?  1#friendly admins, 2#goodplayers, 3#most of the admins are active. that's all to have a successful server
Why should we let you join? idk why but i can handle  admin good enough and

Fairplay/Anticheat : both fp&ac
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guys sorry for beaing afk most of the day but iam working in a thing will change my whole life its for 1 week this week so i apologize for the #2nd time but iam always online with fp/ac atm anticheat