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Hi guys,

I might implement a system that rejects most public VPNs in the future. This will go against people bypassing unbans and such, so it would be a very useful feature to implement.

Obviously this brings a level of risk with it. In the worst case, perfectly normal players would be blocked from playing on the server even though they don't use a VPN at all. That's why I want to field test a couple of implementations outside the server before coming up with a similar feature inside the Mod.

If you guys would be awesome enough to go to http://boeboe.uk.to/vpntest and post your score here, I'd be very happy. If you use VPNs, please test those as well and post the results here as well.

There's no such thing as "enough data analyzed" here, so if you let more people know outside 3D and forward the results to me, that would be awesome as well.



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work external score: Your score: 0.993175

work internal score: Your score: 0.90249997377396

3dvps - Your score: 0.9999443125

emp vps - Your score: 0.997975

school vpn - Your score: 0.9999307

Will test dorm one and home one later.


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What exactly do you mean by work external?

Thanks btw. ;)
​work external as in a normal network (not connected to a DC, no proxies, just a network connection)

internal - work connection with its proxies and shit
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The score you get is the probability of you being a user on a VPN, anonymous proxy etc. So a score of 0 is ideal and we're 100% sure you're not one. 1 means we're 100% sure you are using a VPN/proxy. Anything in between is the probability of you being one.

Gj puni, you win.