ultra @ applay

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Personal information:

Name: islam

Soft Information:

Current name: ultra
Old Sof name (s): ultra
Gametracker profile: https://www.gametracker.com/player/ultra/www.3d-sof2.com:20100/

Profile personly

Fairplay Guid: i dont have

When did you start playing Sof? 2017

When did you become active in 3D? About a month ago

Have you been responsible for any other H & S server before? none

Why should we invite you to join? because i'm driven by making the server better and the players experience better and help them If possible! i also know most of the admin commands and how they work, plus i notice if someone is abusing and handle it maturely and i love 3d and 3d a good family here and i want to join here and i want my chance well if you let me in you'll get a loyal, active and respectful member who well be really glad to be one of you one of the family And me good player and me help my friends and me know server rules and I've lived my life in this server and I'll be here so i can join and i hope a good opportunity for me to join and i know many languages and i wish just one chance only and i think i have a big brother he Scorpion and i want to get a chance and I'm a good player and i like 3d its good server has great members and maps good make the best 3D server server in game sof2

Do you think there is anything we can improve? If so, how can we improve it? no because i see that Server 3D is a good

Additional Information: none

Thanks For Reading My Application

Not open for further replies.