Tutorial for a good map

well almost of us edit without knowing what is the point of that map, in this topic i will try to explain how to get an idea of every map in any mode you want and how to make the main point of the map.

1- Hide&Seek

well almost of the newest hide&seek maps are made like a lot of boxes and traps which is doesnt work for hide&seek maps yea it can work for reach the sun map but not for hide&seek map as h&s map should be like a map where there's a place for stun and place for using rpg,m4,mm1 and grenade also and if you can add some jumps in it it will be great and i mean jumps like these jumps in mp_shop etc.

and well what i mean about the main idea as you can make maps like villages or cities or scary town or an Army basement or how ever there are a lot of ideas just make one real it's like you can search in google for some places and try to create it as much as you can as i know the models won't help.


well for a good H&Z map you need to make it scary and try to give a space for zombies to make jump scares which is giving more adventure and action in the map and you don't have to put a lot of boxes in the map as it needs only space for the war between humans and zombies.

3-Reach The Sun

well reach the sun is about a test of skills if you can jump this or run like this or you can avoid this, that's the main idea of reach the sun but as i see a lot of players using the main idea as h&s map which is hard for seekers and make people RQ

4-Capture The Flag

well about capture the flag you need to put in your map some spaces and hideouts and covers which defends players and it will be great if you can put skillful tricks in the map


well in this game mode it's all about hideouts if you try to watch some movies which has the main hero as a good sniper you gonna know how to make maps of it


well stab is only about a man vs a man with his ak47 no shots just normal fight so it's clear that it needs like a ring for it and as the server has a lot players so you need to make a bigger ring with more modifications and this works as same as ak47 1 shot also


INF is like a mission as a team has to steal the case and other team has to defend it ,so the main point is making a basement for the case and other ways around for robbers to come to steal it just think about the idea and try to think with every way how it's gonna be.

i hope that helped enough :)

Regards: Aly Doukanish