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the goat's application

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Weed Grower
Personal information:

NameLee Jun-fan AKA '''Bruce Lee''' (Ricardo)

Age: 19 - I become 2 years older every year.
Country: Putin's Palace 

Sof information:

Sof name: africantwi$ted (i aint no african)
When did you start to play?:

Started playing sof around 2007, i did have a lot of breaks in between the years but i aint the only one. 
How long do you average play in the server? (daily):

I play when i got time and the feeling to start sof,

Past clans:

Federal Bureau of Investigation, SWAT, Rothschild Family.

Why do you want to join us?

Why not, most of the time i been on 3D i had fun, ofcourse there are always a few people (obstacles) where you gotta talk past, but aint downgrading the fun i have there. I know the people, atleast most of them & always having a drink and some weed finishes the gameplay, the subjects people talk about, the combination of different people around different locations, that makes it man. Its still a game older then a ww2 bunker but that does not say shit, obviously. I still got the interrests in being a member on 3D, and i know i can make the server have a shit load of fun when im on there. 

Why should we let you join?:

Because im needed, who doesnt want a man that has done time in a SWAT team? I mean like i got money like a rothschild? Ill buy the whole sof2 community a garden as big as dubai. Well... that aint gonna happen but i know im worth it to be in 3D, i got the loyaly, the respect & the weed. I mean what you need anymore, a invite to Putins Palace? Great. Knowing the basic rules or needs in any clan based game is the only thing you need to know, as long as your usefull and dedicated with the work you do. Now by saying this i know there is no need to be proving alot by running around in a server till your next map changes, and feeding people with ways to be nice to eachother. Having people knowing you helps alot, otherwise proving is needed. 

(If you get it)

1fx Anticheat GUID:

Bohemian Grove

My gametracker profile can be found here:

Not open for further replies.