SuunDera @ Application Again!!

Personal information:
Name: ahmed

Sof information:
Current Sof name: `SuunDera.
Old Sof name(s): none
Gametracker profile:

Fairplay Guid: 23c4f but it is closed

For how long do you play Sof? Since in 2016

When did you became active in 3D? 1 month and 2 weeks

Were you admin in any other H&S server before? TP

Why should we let you join? because i get experience here and i love this server because it is the best
server in sof2. and i have many friends here and i want to be always with them. i know editing and I will do
maps for 3D. i have experience in using admin because i got adm in another server

Do you think there is anything that we could improve?If so, how can we improve that?i do not think so
because 3D has good and smart players and they know how to behave well.

Additional information: i'm active every day on the server and also site and i will help the admin and i hope to join 3D.


3D# General
Staff member
Did you stop blocking others for weapons?
Did you stop teaming?
Did you stop being immature?

^Reasons why you were denied last time

Made a poll for you, goodluck.