[SOF2]Senius@apply i want join

Name: Hossam


Country: Egypt - North Sina

Sof information:

Sof name: [SOF2]Senius

When did you start to play?: 3 years ago

How long do you average play in the server? (daily): everyday

why do you want to join us?: Because i like 3d and i know it's a nice server and it has a nice maps and a nice team so i'd like to be part of the team

why should we let you join?: First it's your opinion but i'm playing fair always and i know all rules so i think that is no problems with me

play by rules and helping my friends,

Fairplay: c3c45

thank-you for reading!
good luck but shovel said
Nice. Please try to improve English skills before applying again. You can try again in 2 months from now, since I doubt it will improve at all.


3D# General
Staff member
You dont seem to understand the English Language Senius. Atleast basic english is necessary to be able to join the team. Going to deny you for now, Try to improve your english first