skinner @ application

Personal information:

Name: Magdy

Age: 17

Sof information:

Current Sof name: Skinner

Old Sof name(s): Nothing

Gametracker profile: Nothing

Fairplay Guid: Error

When did you started to play Sof? 2017

When did you became active in 3D? almost 1 week

Were you admin in any other H&S server before? None

Why should we let you join? so basically the reason of me applying for 3D is that i want to be part of this great squad aslo my friends is part of it, and learn more about how to use my admin power correctly. i read the rules carefully and help 3D in anyway so that is everything. thanks for reading and i hope my application will be considered favourably
and i'm only need a one chance please.

Do you think there is anything that we could improve? If so, how can we improve that? Yes, i like 3D server very much because in other servers the admins are playing like they are bosses. they cant handle it when you stun them or making them crazy you will get popped for that. disipline/ respect/ making fun

Additional information: Not really :)
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Huhuhuh It's funny so I do not see you play in the server with this name ;Why do you make a new application and You opened an opinion poll Your name Darkone but You want to deceive us and You say that I am a Darkone who made a new application and no one knows that I am Darkone?
He took denied, It's poll opened for him and britt decided to close his application for asking about Hackers. :)
i did it because i love the server better than any other server
i did not know that fp_bypass was hack,, but i know now
About Hackers, I think he is really didn't know what is fp bypasser because he is a youngmate. but No problem He lying for Join here, I know that's something bad but Dont lie again :)
and i'm only need a one chance please.
Okay, I've opened poll for you. Try to be more Active bro :)