Riviera new application

I did new application today 11/8/2019 and new application for me tomorrow 12/8/2019. but we have, Eid. and don't have free time for apply :) sorry.

Personal information:

Sof information:
Current Sof name:Riviera
Old Sof name(s):
Gametracker profile:https://www.gametracker.com/player/Riviera/
Fairplay Guid:Don't have FP

When did you started to play Sof?2016

When did you became active in 3D?I'm play in the server ago 5 month active every day. :)

Were you admin in any other H&S server before?None

Why should we let you join?first, i so sorry on walhacker in which i was playing by it in the past. but i remove him, and i now not walhacker so sorry. i came here again with new application. because i love this server and i want back again and i love this server because he have good rules and good admins and i love all my friend in server and i hope back :)

Do you think there is anything that we could improve? If so, how can we improve that?No, Everything here is very good :)

Additional information: