name: Abdelrahman

Country: Egypt

Sof information:

Sof name: Ricon

When did you start to play?: 2011

How long do you average play in the server? (daily): everyday
Past clans: nothing
Why would you like to join us: Because ilove 3d server because it has the best maps in all h&s servers and got all best h&s members and I can help the new players and because I want to do something good for the server and I will follow all rules to become better and and i would like to be part of the 3d family 3d is the best h&s server

Why should we let you join?: idont know but if you accepted me iwill made all hard things to make 3d better and do all the rules and iwill never be sad or stop play in the server if i didnt accept to join 3d is the best

Fairplay: 7b5d1
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I have opened a poll for your application.
You will hear from us again within 10 days :)
Stay active on both forum and server until then.

Goodluck to you !

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Yer so funny, I Asked you a month ago if you are going to apply for admin just like everybody does and you said "No, I don't need admin. It's trash and useless" And now? here you are applying for admin.
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