rekje @ re-apply

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@RĚĶĴÊ We Don't Love You Because You Are Liar And You Can't Speak English And Can't Make Application Good Please Learn How To Make Application Good And Learn How To Speak English Good And Make New Application
Why are you all fighting like 12yo childs ? :rolleyes:
fuck shit :D :d GO HOW learn english
I do'nt think you're in a position to give english lessons, looking at your application...

If he lies and doesn't speak english, as you all think, we will know it quick enough when he'll be playing. You don't need to be 3 against him and telling him he won't get a chance. I think he knows we want him to be able to communicate in english. What do you all have against him except that ?


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We are sorry it is taking this long, but since we moved to new forum software we are unable to open polls. We will discuss with staff in the server wether you will be accepted or not. Be active and be patient. :)
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