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hey peeps

so i already posted this script before in Flash's post but i improved it a bit so basically the script allows you to start recording and stop recording a demo anytime without turning on/off g_synchronousClients 1 between every time with the same 1 button

the script:
bind c "vstr devrecord"

seta devrecord "vstr devrecord1"
seta devrecord1 "g_synchronousclients 1; record; vstr devrecord2"
seta devrecord2 "g_synchronousclients 0; set devrecord vstr devrecord3"
seta devrecord3 "stoprecord; set devrecord vstr devrecord1"
put this script in your config or txt file at base/mp folder or just download it here and put it at base/mp folder and type \exec rec.txt in your sof2 console
then just press the "c" key in your keyboard and it will start recording after are you done recording just press c again and it will stop recording
also you can change the "c" key to any key you want just edit it in the script

friends please download it is useful asf since fp got banned and no longer trust-able indicator of not cheating
sorry for bad english


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