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Name: Hossam

Age: 15

Country: Egypt

Sof information:

Sof name=.Quavo:)'

When did you start to play?: 2015

How long do you average play in the server? (daily): 4-5hours

Past clans:NNothing

Why Do You Want To Join Us?Because I love this server and I do not want to play in any other server because I have friends here and I want to chance and I want to try myself and I like this server better than any other server and he its the best server

Why should we let you join?Because I want his chance to join you if I'm not good you can remove me again and Because the server is the very cool and I want to be like my friends in this server and I will not play in server other than this and I would be happy if you accepted me in this server

1fx. Anticheat Guid:Ac

Gametracker profile:'/
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