Name: omar

Age: 19.

Country: Egypt.

Sof information:

Sof2 Name .Quartz.

When did you start to play?: 2018.

How long do you play in the server? (daily):3-4 hours i not sure :d.

Past clans:None.

Why Do You Want To Join Us?of course i love that server and i do not want to play in any other server and of course it is the best server among the other servers i love to play sof2 thanks to is 3d and i have many friends here and i want to play with them a lot.

Why should we let you join?I want to have a chance to participate in that server because i love to play it and i think no one hates me so i made that application and i told you before i have many friends here i want to enter here in order to play with them

1fx. Anticheat Guid: sometimes play the fairplay but that does not mean i play the wh

Gametracker profile: Not have

Thanks for watching my application.
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aka Scorpion
Hello I saw you, my friend, you are good at playing and really clean. I wish you success, and also to become new friends and good luck, my brother
all think me Justen why all no ask justen i want all think me justen ask all players or ask admins mclaren and liberty and statoshi and kakashi and anyone ok now all see the comment thanks :)