Promotions July


aka Satoshi
Staff member
This month there won't be any promotions for our admins. We had a few members in mind, but either their forum activity, or in-game activity was not sufficient enough, or they messed up by abusing. By making this post we hope to encourage our admins to be more active on forums, and in-game. :)

As of our trials, the following trials have been promoted to admin:

- Ozoo

Our other trials will stay trial until we deem them good enough to be promoted. Also a reminder to our trials, if you have any questions on how to use your admin, feel free to ask staff, we will be happy to guide you. :)


Skrillex informed us that he will be inactive for a year, because he has school to attent, which is ofcourse understandable! We want to thank Skrillex for all the effort and time he put into 3D and hope to see him again next year.

Juoz has been demoted from Captain to Admin, since his lack of activity both in-game and on forums. We'd also like to thank Juoz for his time and dedication to 3D and hope he will be back active soon!

Keep in mind that we consider everyone for promotions! BUT if you want to quality for it you must be active in-game and on the forums! ;)

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