Promotions/demotions 05-2019


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So, we have a few things happening inside the staff group that requier your attention.
As you might have noticed for the last couple of years we have a group of leaders and
generals who are mostly inactive in game but extremely active outside the public view.
We discuss ppl their behaviour, who to keep and to leave, promote or demote inside a whatsapp group.
I am talking about @Cortez , the founder of 3D. Who has put so much effort to make
this group become what it is right now. Endless nights of nolifing behind the screen
and managing the balance of map making, memberbase and fun.
He eventualy got @Janno on board who was single handedly responsible for the
tech side of 3d. Like building a website. making a stable FTP client (which we use to this day)
and working closely with boeman to improve our game.

We owe alot to these 2 ppl, but as time goes on and life gets more complicated,
you have to call it quits and let someone else take their spot.
We say goodbye ingame to 2 legens of 3D. But behind the scenes they will be involved.

As people go, new ppl get a shot at glory. @SL1D3X has shown great dedication. In the short time he has been
with us, he was proactive in trying to improve things that bugged him.
He showed by trying to bust wallhackers inside our own adminteam that he wants the best for the game.
And if you havnt read
yet, i suggest u do.
He will be our newest Captain. use your powers wisely :)

HEIL @Cortez and @Janno
And congratz @SL1D3X

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Thank you both Cortez and Janno for all the years of dedication to 3D. Good luck with your busy lifes, wish you all the best!

Slidex congratulations! Welcome to the staff team :) you deserved this spot.


Soo romantic, aber echt jetzt... but if you are already making about who did wat for 3D what about the 2014-2015-xx Ex-staff members that also did bunch of shit Are We all forgotten or wut. ROPERT you scheiß wanker.