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There's something called perks in some games, It's like power-ups, It gives who uses it a boost or something related. So I thought about some of them for SoF2


  1. If any hider wore armor he will have about 50%-40% chance not to die after getting knifed from seekers (HE WILL LOSE HALF HIS DAMAGE BUT WON'T DIE)
  2. If any hider wore night-vision goggles,, when ever he activates the goggles he will have 30% chance to get invisibility
  3. Any hider will have 10-5% chance to recover his knife (ex. if he throw it falsely at the wall, or even threw it at seeker)
Well, I tried as possible not to give hiders advantage while using these things, So I tried to make it rarely happens.

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