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[OFFICIAL] Map .ent helping website!


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Before anything, SPECIAL Thanks to the one who made this tool, SNATCH AKA KAWA!!

Known bugs:
BUG: when assigning origin with more than -100 tool will change quantity for some reason
FIXED: changed the function itself to just count quantity amount of times while executing the additives each time

How to:
1. So, first select a model from the dropdown or type in a model (for example colombia/npc_jump1)
2. insert your in-game origins (x,y,z e.g: 100 350 400)
3. insert desired angle for the model (e.g: 0 90 0)
4. Quantity is how many models you want, so lets say i want 20 boxes ill type "20" (do not type negative numbers or 0)
5. Amount is basically distance between the models on the selected axis so if I want the distance between each box to be 100 ill type in amount "100"
5. Direction is on which axis you want to add the amount to (x 100 will become x 120 if amount is set to 20 etc...)
6. Copy the generated code into your .ent file

Feel free to report any bugs, With a comment below!

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Another small update, I decided to move to v1.3.0, I think this is a stable, finished released.
Obviously if you find any bugs report them to me here or e-mail: [email protected].
Tutorial is still up HERE, on the desktop app you can access the tutorials in "How-To" section.

August 21st, 2018
- Updated Desktop App + website to version 1.3.0!
- Added toggles for "outline" and "stairs" modes (checkboxes)
- Thanks to the "outline" toggle, the bug where if you create spawns 3 or more platforms high
would cut the middle spawns is fixed.
- Minor bug-fixes such as buttons not clicking on desktop App on certain sizes etc..

So, the next thing I want to add would be a "custom modules" feature, which is basically letting you guys
create your own presets and place them with a single origin, so you can make lets say a house from boxes
and put it in any map you want and it will look the same with a single origin.
I am kind of struggling with this, I need to research local databases a little bit more, already looked into IndexedDB
and such, I want it to be available on the website too, I am staying away from mySQL for now, I want the data to be stored
locally so it will work offline too, also I wanna make it so you will be able to share your creations with a code or a file
that u can load into your app/website.
feel free to tell me what you think of this idea down below.

Hey guys, for your convinience I packaged the tool into a desktop app,
you can download it here: Direct Download
Simply double click the installer, It will install and create a shortcut for you.

August 7th, 2018
- Changed "Models" Tab into Classnames.
- Added actual "Models" - model_static classnames (as Genius suggested).
- Stairs are working properly and are pretty much safe to use now.
- Minor changes to HTML & CSS.

July 29th, 2018
- Added "Stairs" functionality by duplicating the rectangle array and looping through it while adding/subtracting to each element in the array.
This function works like the old "Line" function but instead is using your existing block of code. (more in-depth explanation/tutorial will be added later).
it is mportant to note that it is still experimental!, please make a copy of your maps .ent file before attempting to use this!!
while I am still testing, the core functionality is there and you can use this tool for the time being.
(I might remve it if I find any game-breaking bugs).
- Fixed some minor bugs with maps crashing because of wrong syntax.
- Fixed the issue where if you didnt specify exact coordinates that matches the
offsets it would cut the rectangles edges.
- Changed the Rectangle function into a constructor to create the rectangle without outputting it into an array
- Added the rectangle points (after generation) into an array so the new "stairs" function could take advantage of it.
- Added "tooltips" functionality again (this time with bootstrap)

July 22nd, 2018
- Updated the way the loop pushes the points into the array to only push a point if its on the outline of the rectangle.
- Some changes to the "How-To" and "Support" Sections.

July 11th, 2018
- Heavily modified the CSS (using bootstrap now)
- Re-did the code to include constructor functions (for future upgradeablity).
- Made it so the 3D box you create will be saved in an Array so I can play with the order of the points (for future upgradeablity).
- Combined all the HTML & PHP into one page for smoother usage (first load might be a little slower but once loaded, it should be quick).
- Improved input handling with one main function that handles it all (used to be different functions for each classname).
- Overall bugfixes such as, Offsets are not showing an alert box if negative (simply set to absolute value), 0 on all offsets wouldn't let you generate one line of code.
- Upon changing input handling, User inputs should save between sessions (for comfortability).
- Fixed needing to refresh the page after too many switches from model to model.
- Added default values to every user input (So you can leave blank to get default).

June 24th, 2018
- Small changes to the code
- Added a "Model" tab that lets you pick between 4 different classes
*Just click the buttons to toggle between the models (the code will remain between them unless u "Clear")
*This is very early stages I didn't fully test it for bugs, just things I came up with on the spot
*any bugs you find feel free to pm me or comment here :)

June 23th, 2018
- Got a new domain: Overpow.org (old link will redirect to this one).
- Changed webpage style (this includes buttons, inputs, dropdowns etc..)
- Seperated the scripts and css to be externally loaded instead of flooding the html page.
- Added a "Copy to clipboard" button that selects and copy the code for you.
- Added this post in "Forums" navigations (for support, bugs, suggestions etc..)

June 15th, 2018
- Added "Spawns" tab in website
- Small changes to id's in html (makes it easier to understand code)
- works pretty much like Rectangle just with spawns.
- If you want to change the value to Deathmatch spawns you can simply write in the selection menu 0.

June 13th, 2018
- NEW tool! ~
How to:
- Select a model
- put in 2 origins (2 corners of the rectangle)
- If neccessery you can change the angles
- set offsets (the distance on each axis from eachother)
- Click "Generate" and copy your code!
- to clear the code without reloading the page use the "Clear" button!

- Offsets cannot be a negative number! it doesn't matter which point you inserted first
the tool will automatically rotate them to a certain order.
- If you want to make a 2D shape you can simply set one of the offsets to 0.
- If you create too big of a box (with small models) your ent won't handle all that code and crash. (nothing I can do to fix that)

June 12th, 2018
- Css updated again, this time with a proper template from w3school.com with some little css and js tweaks
- host is no longer github (the link there instantly redirects you) because I'm having trouble hosting more than 1 page there...
- Made some progress on the 2D rectangle generator, not close to completion yet though

June 10th, 2018
- I updated the css (#baddesign).
- Changed the document.write() function into an innerHTML for easier generation so you can add models on top of existing ones
- Changed the output type into "textarea" for easier copying / selecting
- Added tooltips for information (hover over the dotted text)
- Fixed some texts that appeard wrong (Amount changed into Distance etc...)
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It would be great, however, I lost the source to the website with the VPS shutdown while I was abroad unfortunatley, I re-did the functionality in python though
I could try to re-create it again in javascript/html if you'd like, I think @Splash said he have the source still, feel free to use his files if they are viable.
I am working on a new interface for it with improved functionality but it takes time and i made it in python, which is a bit harder to integrate into the website unless you use Flask/Django for the server side.
I will look into converting everything into js/html in the coming days, If I will succeed I will send you the source in an HTML single-page format.