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@Meneej0+ you have editor state now, you have to check this section from time to time and to discuss the mapcycle changes in this topic as well, its one of your responsibilities as 3D editor


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that inf ctf map sucks so hard, over 10 people rage quit when it comes. people obviously come to 3d in order to play hns not ctf.. plus its fps lagging. dont say that i have a potato pc plz.


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I noticed alot of players (Seekers) arent able to reach the top of the edits in col4, which makes it kinda unfair.
You can tell by every Hider that gets up there wins the rounds, its just not balanced for the players that are not really good at jumping, or not able to reach the full 125 fps for maximum jump distance.

Would be a good one if this map gets deleted from the mapcycle, kinda curious what others think, its a good idea and all, but is it balanced enough for every player in 3D?


Wake up, kick ass, repeat.
Also noticed on shop8, whenever the map ends and there are like 24 players in the server, 20 percent of the red players die because the stab cage is not big enough.

If possible to fix asap, thanks.
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