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Are you going to be our new social media expert?

3D has a facebook page. This was once setup by Mido. Unfortunately he doesn't have the time for it anymore. We are now looking for someone who wants to have a role in 3D and likes to be busy on social media in name of this great community!

What do we expect?
Basically anyone can qualify for this position as long as you are active and speaks some english, because posting will always be in that language. Our current followers are mainly from egypt, so it would be nice if you're from this country.
You need to love playing sof and write about it. You can post funny moments you had in-game or comments. (You can also have others send these to you!) You can talk about the news (updates) we have but most important is that you have passion for this oldschool game and wants to make the community grow!

Whats in it for you?
You are able to show yourself and have responsibilties. You can socialize with other players and new-comers and possibly alot of friendships will be made. You are also allowed to call yourself our 3D # Facebook Expert!

Do you see yourself in this position or do you know someone who would fit this role? Let us know by commenting below :)


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Weekly updates/posts on facebook is a requirement!

Make sure it's written in correct English.

Link back to our forums.

Try to use graphics instead of text only. (e.g. screenshots, small movies, etc).
@Britt: Protesters that we are working group on Vesat until we revived Colna and be the name facebook Btaa your presence be in your name on the game until we know you.
This group will be for server games only.
The name of the group is called
3D# Hide&Seek.
on name the server.​
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In the past I was talking about this subject and I thought to myself that they rejected this request and that the group agreed to work good job!
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3D# Facebook Expert
Mhmm, If we speak about SoF2 Movies then my name should be mentioned XD.
I found a 2009 demo recorder for SoF2 That literally make you record films as a pro.
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