korea wh

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Saturday korea get banned by SL1D3X said korea wh please you can give to me only one proof for this
and i give you proofs shot0469.jpg
in this screenshot i kill mcla say this in ss


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Look, I was there when we played ctf map. I was spectating you all the time and don't ever try to fool me. Be happy that I forgot to record. Anyway, you were doing obvious movements + wallaiming all the time. Guess what? Enemy hid behind the wall before you even used thermal goggles. Oh really? You were standing there for idk for how long and never used thermal goggles. And when the enemy moved behind the wall, you suddenly toggle on thermal goggles just because you didn't want to be suspicious. I'm ain't that stupid. I have played many different games and I know when they have wallhack or no. Plus when the enemy moved behind the wall, you just made few steps away from him (He couldn't hear him because the enemy was walking). Now let me tell you something, don't let me catch you, okay? You know I see everything and I wouldn't lie about it. Have I ever lied to 3D? Oh hell no? Guess what? I only use wallhack when I need to record someone but you used in the middle of the game. When I'm here nobody is going to cheat in the game and be part of 3D Team. If you ever think about joining 3D, forget it. And one more last thing. Screenshots don't approve anything, you know? You just make yourself more guilty by doing this. As I said before, BEING HONEST is important thing here and as I can see nobody is listening to my advice. But remember that you are going to lose TRUST. So you better admit it (I know you won't), so it's literally worthless to say something more. Well, you are responsible anyway. The funniest thing is when the player want to make an application but at the end he is using cheats which is the most dumbest thing ever. Oh and yeah, stop protecting each other, okay? That's all from me.

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