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Post by ezzalden on Seb 27, 2018 at 12:50 pm

Real Name:- ezzalden

Sof2 Name:- =-JoKer-=

How old Are You:- 17 Years


How long you play in the server:- 4-5 hours in day

Why you join here:-Because i love this server and i hope to be here all time when i started to play in server i enjoyed because server have nice members and nice maps and have pro editor i hope to get admin fast and help members and add some thing good in the server
i watched 3d now 1 and nice members so i go back to join again and i think this server will be the first and will not drop to the 2nd because more professional player in this server likes playing 3d and i joined here because i want to do something good for the server to always be I h & s played h & s before in xtreme like 8-9 hours a day because the server is the best and has lots of professional players so i can not leave sof2 when i see a nice player

Why we let you to join:-as i said good server and nice maps and nice members in 3d hide&seek and i never leave this server because i love 3d so i coming here to do nice things and add help to my friends on server

Ac\fp:- d49c83b8

thanks for reading my apply guys

Eid Mubrak <3
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