Name : Jamieee

Age : 29

Country : United Kingdom

Sof information:

Sof Name : Currently ~#ColdFear Jamieee

When did you start to play?: 2005

How long do you average play in the server? (daily): Depends really as long as theres people on the Italy server I attend to stay on as long as theres people.

Past clans: To many to add from the years but main one was ColdFear

Why do you want to join us ?: It's the only map I really play and ColdFear isn't around any longer so Ive decided to try and apply and join savages.

1fx. Anticheat GUID: None cos I like to use Viper Mod :) Been using it long before 1fx made a anti cheat.

Regards, Jamieee


#1 Whale
Staff member

In case you had not noticed, italy is dead for some months now. All that's happening there is public play against hackers (for most of them). Therefore we've closed our recruitement since there's no scrims or decent public play where we could judge people on their skills.

I was mainly hoping to just join so I could wear the tag and spread the joy of the clan Im not bothered about scrims and stuff as sof2 italy is dead for years now mainly to keep the hackers at bay as its rare to see any active admins on the server most the time its a wher or a aimbotter.