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                Welcome to Hide man Apply         ​

      Personal information ​

Name Hussien​

age 15​

country Egypt​

Sof information:​

sof name Hide man​

   When did you start to play?​

i was play since 2013​

 How long do you average play in the server?​

(Daily (5-6) h or more​

Why do you want to join us?​

because i want to back to my family (staff family ) and proved that i loyall to 3D ​

 Why should we let you join?​

i was agood admin 1n 3d but i make a stupid mistake and i promise i wont do that again i understood my mistake and no one make the same mistake again ​

1fx. Anticheat GUID  3b9b9281​

Gametracker profile:I don't have one​

i want to let me a man for 3D again  and give me chance to proved that iam a good man to 3D family and i want my family to vote to me if they see that i should take a new chance​

   The end ​

thanks for reading my apply and i wish i accepted​

Hide man​


Wake up, kick ass, repeat.
Please dont lie about your age Hide man.

I've been in the server a few times now, i have seen you online which is a good thing.
Now you should always be honest towards us, in any way.
You tricked yourself at this point where we can actually deny u for lying.


3D# Captain
I have a feeling that u are using wallhack i dont care how old are you, are you male or female. If i have a feeling that u use that egypt trash wallhack then u should know where this is going. For those reasons im out.


aka Satoshi
Staff member
We are sorry it is taking this long, but since we moved to new forum software we are unable to open polls. We will discuss with staff in the server wether you will be accepted or not. Be active and be patient. :)
Not open for further replies.