hestro apply

Name: Patryk
Current Sof name: hestro
Old Sof name(s): Stopro
For how long do you play sof?: since 2008.
When did you became active in 3D?: I've been again active on 3d for over 3 weeks, currently I can play regularly every few times a week.
Why do you want to join us?: I think you need more admin, i was in 3D some times ago and that was very good time. i want to back :)

so, I hope you give me chance. good luck :)


el papito
Staff member

Your poll has ended and has returned positively, you are accepted as Member.
Here are a few links to threads you need to read to be a good member :
Rules in english : https://forums.3d-sof2.com/threads/new-rules-and-changed-powers.3328/
Rules in arabic : https://forums.3d-sof2.com/threads/new-rules-and-changed-powers-arabic.3957/
Name changing : https://forums.3d-sof2.com/threads/new-rule-name-changing.4059/
Voting system : https://forums.3d-sof2.com/threads/new-voting-system.2782/

You can now claim your powers to a Staff member in-game (Captains or higher) and your forum status will shortly be updated.
Welcome in 3D ! :cool:

See you in-game :)