Name : youssef

Age : 18

Country : Egypt

Sof information:

Sof Name : GodShil

When did you start to play?: 12-18 years ago

How long do you average play in the server? (daily): 2 hour (during evenings)

Past clans:

Why do you want  to join us ?:  because when i see how are people want to be friend to admins and so i want to be one of admins  list

and i love how is 3d server maps and players and admins and i love because all my friend in this server

and i want help  the admins to get rid of wh players and 333 player and who hate this cool server

and i want Prove myself i can be very good admin and i will help other players if they need some help or

anything and if someone canot do something i will help him to know him how to do that

and I would try my best to make 3D even better

1fx. Anticheat GUID: 8d402b1a

GameTracker=Fairplay error :D

so i hope you guys accept my apply :D

Thank you for reading my apply!