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Gif inside name letters


Zompie Hunter
Mr Free Games
Hey all

I wanted to do another request a gif session so if you want anything feel free to ask.

Previously I did most ones like this /monthly_2016_04/Gif3.gif.21467b0a7a61355bccadf347f5c674ff.gif

Now im trying more to one like these /monthly_2016_04/Gif12.gif.d6f9f05ac152fc346ee237369c7be842.gif

But ill still do other one if you want.

You can also provide a youtube link and I can make a 10 sec gif from it ( for example if you like a scene from 1:20 till 1:30 )

Here are all these ones I made in this format.

/monthly_2016_12/Gif29.gif.d267133075d0e10ee38b815d8bd84882.gif                                 /monthly_2016_04/Gif12.gif.d6f9f05ac152fc346ee237369c7be842.gif

/monthly_2016_12/Gif30.gif.645c53093b255be83bdd78bfdf5a5070.gif     /monthly_2016_04/Gif4.gif.fff0798553668f3d17e7ff7229643f90.gif



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Zompie Hunter
Mr Free Games
Wanted to add if you have a youtube clip of a scene / thing you want please add to make it more easy for me and you since you can pick personally what you want. ( the scene can last max 10 seconds ).

And there are so many youtube vids its hard to look at each and watch the full vid each time to find a good scene.

Doesnt matter if the video has 10 views or 10 million views or if the video last 10 seconds or is 2 hours long.

Just put the timestamp from when till when you want it - ill give an example.

For this one 

I used this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoEN4ht0yV8

Then I chose a scene I liked I picked 0:55 till 01:05

Also the less letters the better since the more letters the less space u get.

Lettertypes are hard in this case I used Ash for this one since its the biggest with open space in letters I could find but if you find a better one let me know.

If you wanna try it urself here you can convert a youtube clip into a gif ( ofc there are many other sites for this but this one is easiest imo )


Then go here       https://www.online-image-editor.com/?language=english

Enter the copy url of the gif ( click from url )  or save it to ur pc and click upload

Click upload to continue - click the 2013 tab - click image in text - and then it should be clear .

And below old explanation of gif.

If more questions please ask.

But from an existing gif its easier like the fire name gifs or something like this.

You gotta find a gif like this then just put ur name in it.


                                                       ( result below )

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