Gaming chair ?

Gaming chairs are good ?

  • I hear alot of negatives about them but dont have one

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Hey guys I was mabye planning on buying a new chair and ive been curious about these gaming chairs.
And have been wondering if you guys have / had any experience with them.

I have seen most of them are kinda the same there are like 2 general types.



The most common one I see is the 1st type.

My question for you guys do you have a chair like these and your opinion on them.
My chair now has arm rest like the 1st one and when I play with only a t-shirt ( so no clothing on my elbow it sometimes can get painfull ) since its hard.

For me personal the 2nd looks more comfortable but since the 1st one is more common it has me confused.
For me the look doenst matter that much just how it sits and how healthy it is for your back in the long run.

So ye any opinions : pro or cons are welcome.


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my poor ass did not touch a gaming chair before but i heard that the first type is good to keep your posture healthy thats why most youtubers prefer it
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For me:

- I have a Gaming Chair (N°1) since 1.5 years i think

- Pretty good, but after month/years be sit in a bad position can pain ur ass/neck

- My neck is on fire since i watch series on my computer in semi-recumbent mode

- If you order a really good chair your elbow pain will not longer, like you i often play with only tshirt and i never had elbow painfull

- If you take the N°1 place correctly the lil cushions on right side or u will have serious neck/lumbar problems

To conclude:

- Gaming chairs are nice.
- N°1 or N°2 is the same for me i took the number one cuz i liked the cushions for the lumbar ( i had alot of lumbar pain before)
- You must order a really good gaming chair (like NeedForSeat ect..)
- You must have a good position and only use semi-recumbent modes ect.. only casually or u will have neck pain

(Will edit if i have more comments about it)
These look expensive. That said, if you have the money and spend more than 4 hours on it a day, get a good "real" office chair (300-400 euros) or get one secondhand (5-10 years old, for about 100). Sure, it won't look anywhere as fancy, but your back will be forever grateful.


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Thanks for the replies and votes so far guys.

I looked up alot of reviews and funny enough its kinda the same result here :).

The thing I was worried about alot of the reviews are sponsored since they get the chair for free most of times so its good to hear honest opinions.

@BoeMan yes those are the 2 cons I hear alot if they are any. Expensive and uncomfortable.

But from my stance its pretty much the same as a normal office chair. ( ofc you got verry cheap ones and verry expensive ones )
The ones im looking at are around 100-200 euro here in belgium which is the regular price for a chair here.
And about them being bad for your back / uncomfortable I hear both sides alot so im guessing they are not for everybody and I respect that but I wanna try I think.

Also thanks @Liberty for the armrest / elbow advice I also never saw it as a negative in any review so thats not a problem anymore for me.

I think im gonna try one in a local store to see if I like type 1 or type 2 more.
Dont think im gonna order one online since its so personal.

Will keep you guys updated if I buy one and my thoughts !


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To be honest tho, i just had a normal office chair for awhile, i had the cash to get a 400 dollar gaming chair, huge thing, its very comfy and makes you feel more relaxed imo,
its all down to what you like and how you like to play and do stuff on ya pc.


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I just wanna know who called it the gaming chair? Does it increase frames per second, just buy an ergonomic office chair like this



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I just wanna know who called it the gaming chair? Does it increase frames per second, just buy an ergonomic office chair like this

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Ye ur right ofc its also a bit marketing.
Kinda same with cola you can buy the orginal one or you can buy fake brand cola its also a bit in ur head.

And just because its called ergonomic chair doenst make it sit comfortable for everyone its all personal taste.
There are alot of office workers who got back problems.

I might buy one and end up not liking it buts thats ok I just wanna try it.
its been 6 months now, everyday i watch tons of reviews and it lead to nothing im so confused between gaming chair and medical chair and i cant make a choice xd


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Small update : after alot of researching and looking at local shops.

I decided im going to order a Secret Labs : Omega.

Reasons :
Most of them were like type 1 I posted here and wasnt so thrilled about them.
Great reviews all around.
Price ( 419 euro ) was a bit higher then what I was planning on but I think its gonna be worth it.

So yeah once I got it Ill post my thoughts on it and mabye help you guys decide if you also were wondering about getting one.


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Ok guys final review for anyone wondering about getting one. ( Spoiler / tldr : I got the Secret Lab : Omega ) and I like it. --->

My opinion ofc

Pros before buying :
Good ratings / reviews
Well known license editions ( e-sports , WoW , GoT , Batman etc )
PU Leather and fabric choice

Cons before buying :
Nowhere to try them urself
Can only buy from their own site

Pros after buying :
Better sitting position after having an old chair
Armrests are soft
Highly customizable
Removeable lumbar / head cushion ( the titan got build in lumbar support )
The look
Well build
Makes no noise
Worth the price

Cons after buying :

If you like a really soft sitting area this might not be for you its quite firm but I dont mind it.
Takes couple days to get used to : but after that no worries to be clear.
The headcushion got a really strong smell like chemical smell the first couple days but it goes away thankfully.

Summary :

So if you got an old or uncomfortable chair and wanna replace it I would recommend the one I got.
Omega of Titan is ur choice.
Leather or Fabric is ur choice ( fabric would be more soft and less hot in the summer but more fragile to damage and stains imo price is only 20 euro more so no matter there )

If you somehow dont like this brand I would still recommend this design of chair another one that looks alot like it is Noble Chairs.

Any questions about it ? Feel free to ask !