Personal information:

Name: Ahmed

Age: 18


Sof information:

Sof name: Froggy

When did you start to play?: i started playing from 3 to 4 months

How long do you average play in the server? (daily): 3-4 hour

Past clans: none

Why do you want to join us?: ? love this server and i love 3D maps which I can enjoy and enjoy playing this game with cute 3D and do enjoy playing on this server quite a lot and the players are friendly It would be nice to be a bit more involved
I'm pretty much a team player and I think that I'd make a great addition as a player

Why should we let you join?: i trying to be active on 3D server ,the members of 3D have respect to you and i like 3D and hide and seek and i think i really like you, and I hope to be a new member of the 3D clan

Gametracker profile:https:



lovely person + Elegance + Featured
i think you want after time to be more active than this because you weren't active enough because you will see that most members will say you were not active enough, you have to be patient first