Free Game Deals

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Free) (Permanently I guess)
Just put it in your library just in case if they made it un-free
Ye you are right ye its permanent thanks for posting
Also :

Free ( permanent ) offer ends 1 day 3 hours from now )
Lego : The hobbit

Free weekend ( temporary )

The Crew 2
uplay or


Street Fighter V ( its 5 days free )

Hero Siege

The King of Fighters XIV

Kabounce ( its 6 days free )
Ok guys listen up great deal here.

You can sign up for a free trail of Uplay+ ( you have to do it before august 15 ! )

Then you can play olmost all ubisoft games from 3 to 30 th september for free.

Heres a link ( its in dutch here )

So thats also the new games with dlc for a month free.

And free weekend ( from 13 to 16 June )

The Division 2

From Uplay launcher