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Zompie Hunter
Hey I wanted to let you guys know the game : The Crew is free on uplay right now.

This is a really good racing game its an open world racer so not like gran turismo but race tracks are included.

If you guys are interested I can also post free temporary games like a free weekend on steam of a game if they come.

List of free games I played as I remember :

Battelfield 4 ( 7 days free )

Homefront : The revolution ( 2 days )

Need For Speed 2016 ( 1 day)   ---> This was a verry bad game so pls no1 buy this

Tropico 4 ( Forever ) 

This can also be helpfull for all the pirates out there because not all games can be cracked since they work through an online model like the crew which wasnt cracked.

If any finds a good free game feel free to share !

(  Dont post games like Dota 2 or Team Fortess 2 please since they are free forever always )


Zompie Hunter
Yeah 2 days playtime but its not like if you download it sunday morning you can play it till tuesday its free from now till sunday night.

But the campaign takes about 9 hours so you should be good.

If you like this game I can also recommend the zombie version of it called Sniper elite zombie army trilogy.

PS : You can still play battlefield 4 for 7 days free its trough origin though or the old titanfall for 2 days
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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas mi try this for sure tommorow :) i like racing games

thanks alot for posting this <3