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Personal information:
Name: Mahmoud
Age: 15

Sof information:
Current Sof name: Fouda*
Old Sof name(s): Htrekano
Gametracker profile: no

General information:
When did you start to play Sof?
year 2017
When did you become active in 3D? 2 weeks

Were you admin in any other H&S server before? Tp#hide&seek and wbg inf

Do you know persons in-real that play SOF2? Give # up . Mashtoly

Do you play from home? Currently no ...i play net cafe

Why should we let you join?I want to join a 3d server because it is more fun and friendly than any other server and I have a lot of friends inside the server I want to be part of 3d family and I will do best for making game more fairly
Also I will ban hckrs an sh2allah

Do you think there is anything that we could improve? If so, how can we improve that? No

Additional information: thx
Not open for further replies.