ForeiGner @ Join

Personal information:
Name: Yousef

Age: 15

Sof information:
Current Sof name: Foreigner`

Old Sof name(s): rentix.lg

Gametracker profile:` &

Fairplay Guid: 1570b

General information:
When did you started to play Sof? 2018

When did you became active in 3D? 1 month but I was very active on behalf of rentix.lg

Were you admin in any other H&S server before? Clasic

Do you know persons in-real that play SOF2? Yes, most of the supervisors

Do you play from home? YEAH?!

Why should we let you join? Because I will do anything so that no one is sad or angry with me, and I will be kind to those who want to join us later and I will be happy for them so that they can apply and be respectful with all of me and I will be active as it should be, and I know how to apply the rules and laws according to what you do and thank you If I join you we will be friends and enjoy playing

Do you think there is anything that we could improve? If so, how can we improve that? No, what will change the game it fun and everyone is back after Corona

Additional information: No thing