first editting tutorial

"classname" "trigger_hurt"
"origin" "1514 1127 425"
"mins" "-17 -13 -9"
"maxs" "17 53 41"
"bspmodel" "INSTANCES/colombia/npc_jump1"

Like this?

Possible to choose the damage value e.g. 10, 50, 100, 500 etc... or not?
At least tell me this. How can I can i make the range of teleporters bigger. And how do i know which model is *1 on a map. How can I trigger_hurt also with a bigger area. invisible walls? wtf is can I do with IcarusName. And confusEd? And many more will come.
Great find Jeremy. THanks.

Edit: Ok looks like its just a table that caches the basic stats of all craft models like shield strength etc. The first column index number of each model will be helpful when referencing models in the HangarMap.txt files.