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3D# General
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In-game questions and answers
Do not insult back. If you are offended you may contact an admin about it. Admins can take action by muting the person who insulted you. You can ignore the player by using the command /ignore <id> in console.
If someone copy’s an admin’s name, admins are allowed to rename them.
If 2 players have the exact same name while playing in the server, admins are allowed to rename them as this causes confusion.
We do not rename for having the same clan tag or name.
You may contact the admin who banned you through forum, he is the only one, besides staff, who is allowed to unban you.
If you think a ban has been given unfair, you can either use the report abuse option or contact a Staff member.
If you think nobody likes the map a captain can call a vote for a different timelimit. However, S-Admins may not cycle to the next map or vote to do so.
Notify an admin in-game. If it’s a big bug, such as when spawns are set incorrect and nobody is able to play, an admin may cycle the map.
Contact a Staff member about this. You can find more information about this over here
No, you may only get a respawn if you connected late and MM1 isn't given yet

Forum questions and questions
We have an application form which you need to fill in and post it in a new thread. You can find more information about this over here
Over here.
Over here. Always send in screenshots as proof.
Tip: Press your print screen button, open the program paint and paste it there
You can find the links to downloads over here
Veterans are inactive members of 3D. They don't have admin in-game, but they can get it back when they become active again.
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